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The Kangaroo and I

I did not translate this post, because it deals with a German novel about an artist and his roommate (who is actually a kangaroo), which is not (yet?) translated. I guess it would be quite boring to read about a book one cannot read oneself. I find it even more annoying to read about a really good and funny book which is not translated and therefore cannot be read by most of the people in the world. However, if you think different or if you know about a translation of „The Kangaroo Chronicles“, I do not know about, please leave me a comment and I will go on and translate this article.

Just a funny coincidence or something about society?

Everybody knows that there is no real coherence between the venue of storks and the birth of babies eventhough there is a German old wives‘ tale telling us so (the tale matches the Englisch proverb of being born in a cabbage field). Eventhough, I am not really sure, if it could be again a fairy tale saying that there was indeed a statistic showing a positive correlation between increasing numbers of storks and babies, my experience with statistics let me think this misinterpretation is indeed very probable. To cut it short, I stumbled upon a similarity between two visualizations having nothing to do with each other and yet planting the idea in my head, that they could give us at least some hints about a cultural phenomenon. One of the visualizations is made by a facebook staff member who visualized all the friendship relations in the network. The other one is my own visualization of places named in 11 novels from Hamburg (which is, by the way, my new header to this blog). It is up to you now to decide, wether this is a stork-and-babies like misinterpretation or at least an interesting way of putting together different kind of media in our western culture.

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Howto use CATMA and Stanford NER together

I know that at least 10% of my love for the tool CATMA (Computer Aided Textual Markup and Analysis) is due to the fact that my dear colleagues developed it and I think they are doing a great job on it. And I am happy that they never get tired of dealing with annoying users like myself always wanting to do more than actually possible (and often making it possible somehow). But the other 90% is easily explained by the incredible number of featutes and the ease of using them. So when I searched for a tool to optimize my NER (Named Entity Recognition – find more about it here) outcome I almost automatically found my way back home to CATMA and I can fully recommend combining the two tools, especially now that a new function is implemented in CATMA which allows us to upload xml directly and thus access the NER tags automatically.

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Link-Tipp: Franco Moretti lecture at the University of Konstanz

Shame on me that I haven’t yet shared this link with you! However, I had actually planned to watch the lecture of Franco Moretti at the University of Konstanz, then write a comment and then share both comment and link on this blog. But as way to often, things one would really like to do seem to go down further and further on a to-do-list all by themselves… Anyway, for everybody just wants to watch the lecture by her- or himself, here is the link to it. For everybody else a comment will follow soon.